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Public policies for improvement of high school: scientific socialization, translation and transfer of results (CNPq)

This is a research under development, which the object is the international circulation of youth education policies, especially those related to PISA.

The proposal was structured through cooperation between different research groups in Brazil, Portugal and France. It focuses on the analysis of the implementation of a repertoire of technologies and policies, on which international organizations play an important role in their diffusion at the international level, and which have had direct repercussions on education systems.

Its methodology comprises conducting research in a comparative perspective, considering from the production of primary data on the studied reality, technology aimed at the dissemination of results and the education of teachers, to the creation and promotion of dialog spaces with the sectors involved in the educational agenda, as well as training researchers.

The research is structured in three goals, divided into various actions, which should enable the results to be achieved in three broad thematic lines: High School (Curriculum and Assessment); Teacher Education (initial and continuing) and Educational Policies and Teaching Profession (career, salary, working conditions). These goals are: i) scientific socialization, translation and transfer of research results; ii) mediation and dissemination; and iii) training and exchanges of researchers in a training and exchange network on teaching work and youth education policies in Brazil, Portugal and France.

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