Educational Policy in the Context of Inequality


This work is the result of a collective work of researchers dedicated to systematize and analyze the educational policies under development in the Northeast region.

The book is structured in three parts. The first offers the reader a broader framework for debate, discussing how trends in educational policy circulate internationally and spawn processes of transfer, reception and adaptation in different contexts. The second is composed of studies that provide an up-to-date overview of Basic Education in the nine Northeastern states and allows the identification of the main political-pedagogical orientations related to the organization of teaching and the development of education in public networks of that region. The third part includes analytical contributions on the educational policies under way in the Northeast, allowing us to think about the articulations between the global and the local.

The book is a partial result of the research Public Policies for Improvement of High School: scientific socialization, translation and transfer of results, funded by CNPq (Edital 22/2016), whose pilot project is the research The Basic Education in the Northeast states , Brazil: supply conditions and prospects for quality expansion, carried out in a partnership between the Study Group on Educational Policy and Teaching at the Federal University of Minas Gerais and the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation.


Education Policies and the Restructuring of the Educational Profession: Global and Comparative Perspectives


This book is the result of networking that aims to produce comparative studies that seek to understand the circulation of educational policies at the international level. It starts from the premise that the implementation of a repertoire of technologies and policies, on which international organizations play an important role in their international diffusion, has had direct repercussions on educational systems in different countries of the world. The assimilation and interpretation of this repertoire varies according to the contexts of each country, requiring a more careful knowledge of each national reality in different dimensions. Thus, this book brings together studies based on different national realities in different parts of the world with the purpose of providing a set of contributions that help us understand this broad movement of international policies that impact the educational profession today, promoting its restructuring.


* 8-9 October 2018. International Symposium. University of Strasbourg, France.

The research unit CNRS SAGE (Society, Actors and Government in Europe), University of Strasbourg, France, and the Chinese-French Centre for Innovation in Education (Beijing Normal University) organise on October 8th-9th, in partnership with the Federal University of Minas Gerais (GESTRADO), Brazil, the European Network of Sociologists in Education (EERA : European Educational Research Association), and the thematic network « Globalization and the restructuring of professions in education» WERA: World Educational Research Association) an international symposium on the following topic: Governing by numbers at international scale. New relationships between the State and Professions in Education? see details here.

We are also pleased to inform your about the publication of a new book: Education Policies and the Restructuring of the Educational Profession (Springer)

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